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  • Ledgands Gundogs site contains a valuable collection of current show pixs from the UK show scene, plus an ever growing online pedigree database. Check this out!

  • Mike Herwin's data base for Pointers also contains a large collection of searchable pedigrees along with several other breed data bases.

  • Ria Nelis' Pointers UK for a wealth of information about the breed in its homeland

  • Jeremy Zellers' Zelgren Pointers plus details of how to join the "Pointer List" email list also his invaluable pedigree service page

  • Lyn Topinka's English River Pointers with "500 Years of Pointer Trivia" and a lot of interesting pages containing pedigrees and varied historical information on the breed from all around the world.

  • US Pointer Rescue (PRO) with valuable information about looking after our breed, and what you can do to help those in need. Check out "A story worth reading".

  • Erica & John Bandes' Kinnike Kennels in the USA. An inspirational collection of real dual-purpose Pointers.

  • Sandy Gunn's wonderful collection of Canadian Pointers at work and play

  • Flo Barker's Flinthill Pointers in the UK

  • Barbara Theobald's Tycarreg Pointers in the UK, with information on Pointer art, books, etc. For information on books about Pointers check out the Guest Bibliography section!.

  • Paul & Ann Zapun's Taunton Bay Pointers in the USA with an interesting collection of dogs with some lines closely related to ours.

  • Jane Vicker's Aspenlea Pointers in Australia.

  • Jan James' Atsira Pointers in Australia

  • Bruno Pollini's Montenero Pointers working in Australia

  • New Zealand now has a Pointer Club. To find out about this contact the secretary Megan Rogan at braemac@xtra.co.nz

  • Dorothy Johnson's thoughts on tri-colour Pointers with a look at historical information on the creation of the breed from all around the world.

  • Would you like to find out more about New Zealand ?


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